Our Awesome Features

We used best tools with advanced techniques

⦁ eSmartMinds is the only Student , Tutor and Institute/Academy Management Platform that provides full independent control to Students, Tutors and Institute/Academy.

⦁ eSmartMinds uses cutting-edge technology with advanced cyber security to connect Students and Tutors in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT. In the comfort of your home,Students and Tutors have interactive session just like if they are doing in person face-to-face, and by using our advanced tools, the students and tutors have an effective and quality session Live Online in Real-Time.

⦁ All the tutoring sessions are recorded and available for student to view it if needed. A student can view her/his tutoring session for the entire month for Free.

Real-Time Connectivity Online With Your Teacher/Tutor.

⦁ When Student booked Tutor for online course, then the Virtual Online Session will come into the picture. Tutor initiates the session at the booked time, and student also has to do the same on the session time. Then they will be redirected to virtual classroom.

⦁ Virtual Video Class in Real-Time which involves Student and Tutor to interact for the sessions.

⦁ It also includes pointer for Tutor to teach by pointing at any object on the virtual classroom board.

View Your Recorded Tutoring Session

⦁ Tutor can upload Audio/Video/Doc/Image/Pdf files by Course-wise he/she taught.

⦁ Tutor add curriculum(like lessons/topics covered in course) for courses by giving url or file as source and publish the course.

⦁ The Tutor course will be available for Student only when the published course is approved by eSmartMinds.

⦁ Once logged in as Student, student can get the option for downloading that course curriculum/files.


⦁ Tutor can set Max. No. of downloads for a Course. And Student can download the Course files only that number of times.


⦁ Tutor can view the Course files download history.


⦁ And Student also can view their Course files download history

General Features of Student

⦁ Tutors System Facilitates to Book a Course for students by Online.

⦁ Students can also book under institute offered Batches.

⦁ Student can post his requirements, if he not get required tutor in the list.

⦁ Simple Procedure to Book Tutors & Institutes.

⦁ Student can manage their settings and contact the tutor before finalizing the tutor.