How System Works

How Does the eSmartMinds System Works For Students:

  • In order to book Tutor, Student must have some credit, 1 credit = Rs.1. Those credits can be purchased from the packages we have on eSmartMinds. We have multiple packages from 1-8 class level to Masters level courses. Each class level has its own pricing packages. For an example; if the Tuition Fee is Rs.5000 and that is equal to 5000 credit. The credit is equal to Rupees Amount.

  • And then Student can book Tutor based on their tuition fee in credits. Then the tuition fee credits will be deducted from Student. And will not be paid to Tutor at the time of booking made by student. The tuition fee will be only paid to Tutor only when the Tutor completes teaching for that month and updates the Status first by Tutor and then by Student that the monthly tuition session is completed.

  • Student Zonayrbooked Tutor Ahmad for the Metric10 Science Class (fee is 5000 credits which is equal to Rs5000 for one month Tuition) .

  • After booking, 5000 credits = Rs.5000 will be deducted from Student Zonayr. And after successful completion of monthly tuition, 5000 credits=Rs.5000 will be paid to Tutor Ahmad.